The first full length release from Keansburg, NJ’s Can’t Swim doesn’t disappoint, the album opens up with a classic punch in the face track “Whats Your Big Idea”, filled with a intense verse & huge chorus. The follow up track “We Won’t Sleep” is without a stand out track also their first single to this album, a track where Can’t Swim flexes their muscles as songwriters. As the album rolls on Can’t Swim fill every track with a ton layers & dynamics that keep you on the edge of your seat. The music isn’t the only thing that takes many unexpected turns as the lyrical content on the album takes off where the last EP “Death Desevers A Name” left off. Once again emotional & memorable yet even more catchier. From “Quitting” to “Stranger” & one of the albums deeper cuts “Show Me” are the best examples of how much Can’t Swim have come to creating songs that get stuck in your head. The best thing this album has though is the tracks that open doors for Can’t Swim’s future. From “Hey Amy” to “Molly’s Desk” to the albums closer “All The Moves We Make Are in the Dark”. Can’t Swim show a different kind of dynamic to these songs with at times complicated changes to straight smart song writer not found on most Pop Punk records, in a day & age where Punk records are littered with fillers, Can’t Swim uses the space to test themselves out not only as song writers but as musicians. Despite the tone of the album followed by its title “Fail You Again”. Can’t Swim’s latest album is one filled with many colours & an overall positive outlook on the dark side of ones consciousness.


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