Fight the incoming cold fronts with hot and sweaty music at the Cavern :


The aim of Clipwing was to come out swinging; mission accomplished. Hitting the studio before they played their first show, Clipwing got the music right and then moved on to the rest. A blend of rock and punk influenced by The Flatliners, Smoke or Fire, Foo Fighters and more, Clipwing makes loud, energetic and passionate music.

Clipwing’s members are no strangers to touring, having embarked on their first European tour immediately after their first release, a split LP with french rockers Icons Down!. This was quickly followed up by a performance at Pouzza Fest in Montreal, and a second European tour in support of their sophomore release Ashford. The latter album being recorded by Chris Hannah (Propagandhi) and released by Coffeebreath and Heartache, Laserlife and Trilob records across Europe.

The Bumpin’ Uglies

Winnipeg’s hottest new punk rock sensations. Good times and singalongs guaranteed!

RJ Binge (3 Day Binge, Asado, I Still Function)

Energetic and passion fueled acoustic music with melodies for days. Sometimes mentions of boogers and poop.


Good tunes, bad pants. A winning combination. Punk rock from Winnipeg –

10 BUCKS 10 PM 18+


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