The Good Will Social Club, UMFM, and CKUW are proud to present in conjuction with The Good Will’s 1 Year Anniversary:

Greg MacPherson

w/ Rob Crooks

Here’s a bit about Greg’s latest album “Fireball”:

Fireball, Greg Macpherson’s sixth full-length studio recording, captures the fiery essence of rock and roll music: ten great songs about sex, danger, heartbreak, possibility, romance, and people you can relate to, played with expertise and urgency by an unpredictable band. There are no down points, from the kinetic, delay-driven 1995 to the slow-boil apocalypse of Scientist Cowboy, Fireball is all energy, passion and style.
Recorded and mixed by award winning engineer Cam Loeppky, these are stripped down, intentional sounding tracks, a post-rock aesthetic with elements of heartland, dub and classic rock and roll in the mix. Think Alan Vega meets the Replacements or Lou Reed with less heroin and no jazz chords.
Greg Macpherson in 2013 is a world-class artist at the top of his abilities. Long respected for his magnetic performance style and hard hitting songs; Fireball is as dynamic and powerful as his live show and continues the remarkable trajectory of a critically received body of work. Where Mr. Invitation (2010) and Disintegration Blues (2011) were dark, varied albums with as many ballads and soundscapes as rock songs, Fireball is fast and to the point… sexy, fun and challenging.


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