Best known for her four albums with Nathan, the Juno award-winning artist doesn’t like the moss to grow under her feet. When not touring or recording with Nathan, she’s released a solo album, and has recorded for television, installation and short films. For her latest endeavor, ‘Leaf Rapids’, she has collaborated with her husband Devin Latimer, who also plays bass with Nathan, and Steve Dawson to explore new musical ideas that incorporate the feeling of open space that has fascinated her since moving to the prairie town of Winnipeg, Manitoba. “There is less mystery to a song for me when every space is filled. I like for the notes to linger for a while and suggest things.” Keri explains.

The songs on “Lucky Stars” range from catchy country tunes like “Gravity” to more reflective numbers like the gorgeous “Galaxie 500”. The album also showcases Keri’s flair with the theremin which is an indispensable component of Leaf Rapids’ sound. “Lucky Stars” is one of those rare albums that can only come to light when a small group of seasoned players get together to work intuitively and create music from the heart.


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