Oscar Lopez’s Latin guitar groove makes him a standout on the world music stage.
Born in Santiago, Chile, Oscar was encouraged by his father to play the violin and its close relative the mandolin, influencing his signature rhythmic playing style. He soon chose the nylon-string guitar as his “soul” instrument.
In 1979 he moved to Canada and dedicated himself to mastering the guitar and building his successful musical career. Oscar calls Calgary, Alberta home. “My roots are here but all that I am I owe to my mother country; she has made me who I am today”.
Ever the collaborator, Oscar easily incorporates jazz, blues, roots and pop sensibilities into his music. His friendship and artistic chemistry with singer/songwriter James Keelaghan resulted in two fusion recordings as Compadres. They performed scores of live performances at festivals and on stages around the world.
Oscar also joined fellow guitarists Pavlo and Rik Emmett (P.R.O.), recorded “Trifecta” and toured extensively in North America, wowing audiences with their rich and energetic music and his free spirit and guitar artistry.
Oscar’s infectious rhythms, guitar mastery and improvisational wit will make you marvel and definitely want to get up and dance. A two-time JUNO Award winner and multi-nominee, he continues to surprise and engage.


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