The Good Will – Social Club and QPOC Winnipeg are proud to co-present the official Genderfest Winnipeg closing party! Featuring…

Rae Spoon (Victoria)
Rae Spoon is a songwriter, film score composer, music producer, multi-instrumentalist and published author. Rae started out making folk music, and later added indie-rock, experimental and electronic elements to their sound. Rae is returning to Winnipeg to perform material off of their new album Armour. They have toured extensively in Canada, the USA, Europe and Australia. Rae has been nominated for the Polaris Music Prize in both 2009 and 2014.

LAL (Toronto)
“LAL is an intersection between idea, place, and people, where we stand for moment and discuss the kind of world we will create. The conversation eventually gives ways to dance, which, in turn, gives way to conversation, which again, makes room for dance. We will win. There’s no doubt”–Darren O’Donnell, playwright.
In the late 1990s, LAL introduced a political edge to the electronic underground, bridging the gap between art and social justice. They have carved out a strong diasporavoice in the Canadian music scene, which remains largely unexplored by mainstream media. A recurring theme in their work is justice and ‘finding a way.’ They are queer and straight, black and brown, Asian and West-Indian and they are a mix of hiphop, techno, downtempo and international sounds.

Joanne Pollock
Producer and one half of the band Poemss (released on Planet Mu,) Joanne Pollock’s most recent solo EP, Optimist, was released July 2015.
“Joanne Pollock breathes heavy whispers across articulate and captivating break beats. She possesses that rare talent where her songs become instant ear worms boring through your minds eye and keeping a kick in your step. headphone friendly.”- Invocation TO


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