Revenge of the Trees
Combining aspects of rock, soul, dirty blues and danceable prog with politically conscious lyrics, Revenge of the Trees is a beautiful swamp water of heart and soul. In the past year Revenge of the Trees has shared the stage with such acts as Rah Rah, Paper Lions and Greg MacPherson. With their first EP, released December 2013, Revenge of the Trees are continuing their steady growth through the top soils of Canada’s music scene and beyond.

Greek Riots are an indie-rock quintet hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. Led by Jacques Richer’s deep and commanding voice, their music is of an ethos that could be described as a mindful mob mentality: rise together, fall together, and fight together. To be sure, there are definite moments of personal expression in their music that come through in lyrical form as well as in Duncan Murta’s searing guitar solos, Breandan Flynn’s skillful keyboard arpeggios, Seamus Hamilton-Pattison’s driving bass runs, and Mack Hatcher’s tightly executed drum fills and solos. Yet the united voice of Greek Riots, at times sweetened by gang vocals and harmonies coming from various band members, often forms a “we” instead of a “me”. There is a constant sense of collectivity in the music, whether several voices come together to express a singular character’s voice, or instrumental parts cleverly accentuate and resonate with the melodic and lyric flow.

Autumn Still

Autumn Still breezed into the music scene in 2014 with the release of their self-titled debut EP, appearing on Earshot charts across Canada and quickly reaching #1 on CKUW. The Autumn Still EP was positively reviewed in several publications, including Exclaim! Magazine’s description that the music “evokes the empty, wind-swept spaces of the band’s hometown”. With a fresh perspective on alternative pop, Autumn Still draws inspiration from a vast array of influences such as new wave icons the Talking Heads and Canadian indie-rockers The New Pornographers. As determined by fan voting in the Uniter Fiver, Autumn Still was deemed one of the top five Winnipeg acts to watch in 2015. The band will introduce themselves to Ontario and Quebec with live performances in late spring of this year. Their much-anticipated full-length is set to be released in December of The Park Theatre


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