Blending good old fashioned rock’n’roll with healthy doses of blues, jazz, rock, and funk, the New Meanies found their musical muse. For almost 2 decades, the New Meanies have earned a reputation as one of Canada’s most high-caliber rock outfits, touring across North America and winning the acclaim of critics and peers alike. Few other bands in this genre consistently push the musical envelope and simultaneously remain true to their roots, and the New Meanies are of that caliber. Featuring guitarist and lead vocalist Damon Mitchell, guitarist Jeff Hondubura, bassist and keyboardist Sky Onosson and drummer Jason Kane, the band originally formed under the moniker of the Blue Meanies. Winning audiences over with signature sizzling blues-rock instrumentals and thoughtful songwriting, the band quickly earned a spot in the upper echelon of Winnipeg rock bands.
In 1998, the Meanies’ signed with Virgin/ EMI label, and found themselves touring with the likes of Dave Mathews, Deep purple, Big Sugar, Alice Cooper, Paul Rogers. They continue to maintain their reputation as one of the prairies most talked about groups.
In recent years, the group has reformed and will continue as force to be reckoned with on the prairie music scene and beyond.


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