Tickets available at Music Trader, The Winnipeg Folk Festival Music Store, The WECC (in person or by phone) and

Come celebrate the release of the long awaited third album from Vince Andrushko; a quirky collection of daydreams and possibilities. It’s a musical ride for those who like to smile.

Vince Andrushko hails from the non-existent town of Arbakka in swampy southeastern Manitoba. Although there is a highway sign to direct you, it’s hard to say exactly when you’ve arrived. Unlike his locale, his music is a little easier to get into. From straight up country songs to toe-tappin’ two-chord bluesy numbers to fictional tales with a touch of humor (depending on your sense of humor), it’s mashed roots and groovy. Served up with just enough salt, grease and sour cream to warm you in winter or keep you cool and breezin’ through an August heat wave.

“Vince Andrushko is my favorite male Winnipeg singer. he is a master of timeless imagery and a writer of the highest order. I could go on but it will just make him more uncomfortable.”
– Jaxon Haldane (The D-Rangers)

“Vince Andrushko is the lonesome unsung hero of the astonishing Winnipeg roots community. There’s nobody better nor less well-known. A troubadour so true to his roots, he’s one part Roger Miller and two parts prairie sky.” – John Scoles (Times Changed High & Lonesome Club, Winnipeg)

Vince is excited to share the stage with Garth Riemer. Garth is a singer/songwriter in the Americana vein. With a distinctive vocal style and lyrical depth, he conjures up images of the mid-sixties folk of Dylan and Cohen.





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