Its that time of year again its POUZZAFEST time! We had the chance to catch up with Hugo founding father if you will of Pouzzafest. By catch up I mean we emailed him some questions that he was good enough to answer. A huge thanks must be thrown out there to Melanie Kaye PR for setting this interview up. Hope everyone enjoys the interview.


Another year another Pouzza Fest. This is the 5th year for the festival. Did you ever think it would be going 5 years strong?

We didnt think about that when we started the festival. We wanted to do something cool and we did it. It’s better to live life day by day. breath by breath.


What have learned over the past 5 years?

We learned that you can’t please everyone. We learned that booking agents are rarely super nice human beings. We learned that most bands are super cool people, no matter what size. We learned that doing something that big is nerve recking and very hard. We learned that it’s better to follow your heart than anything else.


When you are putting together the list for each year you probably have a good idea of who you want to get for “main acts” but how do you filter through all the smaller bands? One of Winnipeg’s own Mobina Galore will be there this year! Do you listen to each bands music individually?

I don’t do the booking alone anymore, we are 3 people. We all listen to everything that people submit and we have a list of «  would love to have on pouzza » that we try to follow. There’s no big plan or marketing strategy. We make offers and we see who’s available and try to please as much people as possible without killing the spirit of it every year.


This year you have one of the all time great bands in Punk Rock. 88 Fingers Louie!! How stoked are you to have these guy play your festival?

This is really cool. They played a reunion show in Montreal a little while back and i missed it so i’m pretty happy to see them this time.


Do you find you guys get a good mixture of people from Quebec as well as out of town?

Yeah we love the local scene and try to please the locals and get them to play with international bands to meet potential touring partners. We really believe in the Montreal music scene and wish more bands would do good outside of here.

With so many festivals folding each year Pouzzafest seems to be going strong year after year. What do you contribute this success to?

We follow our hearts and we try to organize a festival that we would love to attend.

The Saint Catherines, Miracles, Yesterday’s Ring, and now a new side project Powernap. Where do you find enough time in a day to do all this and organize and run a festival?

I have no idea. I guess it is how my brain is conceived. I also have help from other people. I sacrified alot of my social life for music and art. That gives me a little more time i guess. I always had an urgency feeling. I HAVE to do all this before it’s too late. you know.

Do you have any suprises for festival goers this year at Pouzzafest? We know there are usually alot of secret shows or last minute stuff that go on.

Yeah we like surprises. There will be some for sure. But they are surprises, so i won’t tell you…


What are some of the bands that you excited to catch perform this year?

Cayetana, Pup, tEMPLETON, Chumped, Beach Slang, Solids, Dan Potthast, Chad Price, Jon Snodgrass, Drag The River, Joey Cape, Audio Visceral, Barrasso, Trigger Happy, Cerebral Ballzy, The Muffs, 88 Fingers Louie, Sucess, Guerilla Poubelle, Nobro, Chris Farren, Fire Next Time, No Trigger, The Beatdown, The Planet Smashers, Bruce Lee Band, The Holy Mess, The Dwarves, Municipal Waste, Laureate, The Nils, Knapsack, Penske File, Success, Les Sales Majestés…

Do you ever take the chance to jump on stage with a band and play?

This year i’m playing with borth Miracles and Powernap. The last 2 years, i don’t think i played with my bands. But i did a song with Sucide Machines and one with American Steel at some point!!

Starting Pouzzafest was in response to The FEST down in Florida. Do you feel you have created the same kind of feeling that the FEST has?

Not really. I think FEST is unique. It’s an institution that i respect and love. I think Pouzza has it’s own feel. You have to come to feel it, but it’s in the heart of downtown Montreal…

Looking forward where do you see Pouzzafest going? Getting bigger, staying the same?

Staying the same and staying rad.

Have you started working on Pouzzafest 6 already?


Any parting words for us? Maybe some words of wisdom.

Tell everyone about you love, instead of what you don’t.

Thanks so much!!!!

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