Sic Waiting’s front man Jared Stinson has released a tremendous record under the name Dead Frets entitled ‘True South’.

Unmistakable in this 8 track beauty is Jared’s vocal harmony that runs the album throughout. Although a departure from SIC Waiting’s distorted punk rock infused chords, Dead Frets doesn’t lose that spirit here. I would venture to say it is an extension of what works for SIC Waiting.

Opening up the ensemble, “Broke and Hearted” resonates with likeable melody setting the precedent for the remainder of the record. “I’m Not Mad” is a fabulous track off ‘True South’ that speaks an assured statement of looking forward even if it’s just you against the world.

“Maybe” is another instant classic off of Dead Frets latest release. Vocals and guitar chords mix so well without compromising heart and honesty. Followed by “Pain”, these two tracks are an excellent display of musical variety from Dead Frets.

The record closes out with “Margins and Notes” which is the perfect close to this heart-on-sleeve album. It’s a mix of punk rock growl and blues that works awesome together.

Unmistakably one of the best solo releases of 2017, Dead Frets gives us just a taste of pure, wholehearted musicianship. Readily enjoyable, ‘True South’ is a must have. Follow this link to pick up your copy.


Words by Jay Caption

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